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Embracing sustainability, our cutting-edge material, AppleSkin, is crafted from processing waste generated by plant-based products. This revolutionary biomaterial emerged from the dedicated efforts of Frumat Leather, a Bolzano-based company, conducting extensive research. The innovation involves incorporating eco-friendly elements derived from the byproducts of plant-based processing, with a particular focus on organic apples from Alto Adige.


AppleSkin is ingeniously composed of 50% discarded apple peels and cores from industrial processing, meticulously dried and finely ground into powder. This powder is skillfully blended with 50% polyurethane (PU) and applied to a tear-resistant roll, reinforced with cotton fabric. Through a heating process, these rolls transform into robust, weather-resistant fabric, embodying the qualities of plant-based leather. This versatile material finds applications in various domains, from furniture to fashion, and from shoes to bags. As a fruit-based vegan leather, it stands as a testament to innovation, conserving resources and minimizing chemical usage, thereby significantly reducing environmental impact compared to traditional leather. This circular economy initiative exemplifies collaborative efforts and biomass recovery, fostering sustainability and the creation of increasingly eco-conscious products. Explore our website to discover an array of stunning AppleSkin shoes. These eco-friendly sneakers boast exceptional technical features, catering to individuals seeking footwear that not only abstains from animal leather but is also functional, comfortable, and stylish in design.


Natural Materials and Animal-Friendly Creation

Pellamela stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainability, crafted exclusively from natural materials without the need for animal skins. This intentional choice significantly diminishes the demand for livestock farming, thereby mitigating environmental concerns such as deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, it plays a vital role in biomass disposal, aligning with our dedication to responsible material use.

Animal Welfare Advocacy

Opting for Appleskin translates to a conscientious decision against the use of animal skins, actively contributing to reducing the suffering of animals. This ethical choice eliminates the need to harm animals solely for the sake of fashion products, aligning with our commitment to animal protection.

Durable Investment in Vegan Fashion

Pellamela is meticulously designed for durability, transforming vegan shoes into a wise and enduring investment. Embracing longevity, our products stand out as a sustainable alternative in the fashion landscape.

Hypoallergenic Consideration

For those with allergies or skin sensitivities, Pellamela emerges as a hypoallergenic choice. Compared to real leather, it poses a lower risk of triggering allergic reactions, offering a comfortable and safe option for individuals with sensitivities.

Advancing Ethical Initiatives

Choosing appleskin products extends beyond personal preference; it signifies support for companies dedicated to both animal ethics and environmental sustainability. Your selection actively contributes to propelling the fashion industry towards more ethical and sustainable practices, fostering a positive impact on our shared planet.

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