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At the core of our company's mission is a steadfast commitment to introducing vegan alternatives to the market, prioritizing the protection of animal life to the fullest extent possible.

In pursuit of this objective, we place a premium on the ongoing exploration of innovative vegan materials. This commitment drives us to craft footwear that not only exemplifies quality and beauty but also exudes style. Our aim is to inspire footwear enthusiasts, showcasing that impeccable looks can be achieved without relying on traditional leather.

VEGANSHOES Vegan Materials - pinatex


Pinatex emerges as a revolutionary and eco-conscious vegan material, deriving its sustainability from pineapple leaves. This innovative substance serves as a responsible and environmentally friendly substitute for conventional leather. Crafted from pineapple leaves that usually go unused and end up as waste in the food industry, Pinatex transforms what would be discarded into a valuable resource...

VEGANSHOES Vegan Materials - Appleskin


Appleskin, an innovative vegan material, is gaining recognition for its sustainable origins and unique characteristics. This eco-friendly substance is extracted from the processing of apple peels, a byproduct of the food industry, positioning itself as a responsible alternative to animal leather and making use of a resource that would otherwise be discarded. With diverse finishes available, Appleskin provides options that span from smooth to suede-like textures...

VEGANSHOES Vegan Materials - Bio-Polyols (Corn Leather)


Bio-polyols stand at the forefront of innovative vegan materials, emerging as sustainable alternatives in the production of vegan leather. This specific type of vegan leather is meticulously crafted from corn cultivated for non-food purposes. Through careful processing, essential plant-based activators are extracted to produce bio-polyurethane. The result is an exceptionally high-performing and durable biomaterial, well-suited for a multitude of applications...


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