In the vast landscape of alternative materials, we are excited to introduce an extraordinary vegan leather derived from corn that stands out as a groundbreaking solution. This innovative material is sourced from corn cultivation exclusively designated for non-food applications.

As the corn reaches maturity, each individual kernel undergoes a meticulous transformation process to extract valuable bio-polyols. These plant-based activator elements play a pivotal role in the production of bio-polyurethane, forming the foundation of our exceptional vegan leather.

Celebrated for its exceptional performance and durability, this biomaterial emerges as the perfect solution to replace traditional animal-derived leather. The bio-polyols, integral to the production process, replace commonly used chemicals. Their significant impact is particularly notable in the processing of microfibers and the formulation of polymeric materials, especially within the footwear industry.

By embracing this innovative alternative, we effortlessly align with sustainability and environmental responsibility goals. Simultaneously, we uphold stringent performance and quality standards in the final products, ensuring a seamless transition to a more responsible and eco-friendly approach.


Our bio-materials, validated through meticulous laboratory tests, showcase superior chemical and physical characteristics in comparison to traditional chemically-based alternatives. This not only diminishes dependence on synthetic components but also elevates the overall sustainability of our footwear manufacturing.

The microfibers, enriched with bio-polyols, are meticulously crafted in Italy, adhering to the most stringent European standards. The production facilities have implemented an emissions compensation system at every stage, guaranteeing a zero CO2 balance. This unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility extends beyond mere product excellence, highlighting our dedication to fostering a greener and more sustainable future within the footwear industry.


Environmental Sustainability:

Derived from renewable sources like vegetable oils or biomass residues, bio-polyols diminish reliance on fossil fuels. Additionally, their production requires less energy, contributing to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional polyols.

Ethical Considerations:

Bio-polyols eliminate the need for animal-derived ingredients, aligning with a commitment to avoiding animal involvement in the materials industry.

Versatility in Applications:

Bio-polyols offer versatility in applications, encompassing uses in foams, coatings, and adhesives, mirroring the functionality of traditional polyols and ensuring the adaptability of vegan materials.

Reduced Reliance on Petroleum:

By sourcing from plant-based or biomass origins, the bio-polyols industry actively contributes to lessening dependence on finite petroleum resources.

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