Pinatex, an eco-friendly material, is crafted from the fibers of pineapple leaves, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional leather.

The journey begins in the Philippines, where abundant pineapple plantations serve as the primary source of raw material. The local community actively engages in harvesting and initial processing, converting the typically discarded pineapple leaves into genuine vegetable leather.

Once harvested, the leaves undergo specialized machinery pressing, transforming them into biomass. Subsequent natural drying produces Pineapple Leaf Fiber (PALF). The raw fiber is then combined with various forms of corn, enhancing its consistency and versatility. Further processing, dependent on the intended use, involves the integration of resins and other materials to achieve the desired strength, durability, and softness.

The finalized material in the form of non-woven knit rolls is shipped to Spain for finishing before reaching consumers through the company's London-based headquarters.


Ananas Anam, the dedicated company behind Pinatex, plays a pivotal role in supporting rural communities. By collaborating directly with agricultural cooperatives, it creates an additional income stream for pineapple farmers.

Pinatex, derived from pineapple plant leaves that were once discarded or burned, not only adds value to agricultural byproducts but also provides a steady income source for communities reliant on seasonal harvests.
Beyond financial gains, Ananas Anam fosters a sustainable approach, benefiting both the environment and community well-being. The residual biomass, after fiber extraction, serves as a natural fertilizer or biofuel, introducing an additional economic dimension to the community's livelihood.

Ongoing Innovation, Consumer Education, and Collaborative Efforts

Beyond its production process and immediate benefits, Pinatex stands as a dynamic force in sustainability through ongoing innovation, consumer education, and collaborative endeavors.

Ananas Anam, the driving force behind Pinatex, remains committed to continuous research and development. This dedication aims to enhance the material's properties, exploring novel techniques and applications, ensuring Pinatex's continual evolution as a sustainable choice.

An integral aspect of Pinatex's journey is the emphasis on consumer awareness and education. Ananas Anam actively engages in initiatives to inform consumers about the environmental impact of their choices and the advantages of opting for sustainable materials like Pinatex. This approach contributes to a broader shift towards conscious consumerism, fostering a deeper understanding of the positive impact individuals can have through their purchasing decisions.

Moreover, Pinatex's influence extends through collaborations and partnerships with various brands and designers. These alliances not only broaden the reach of sustainable materials but also encourage a collective effort towards a more eco-conscious industry.
By integrating Pinatex into diverse products, these collaborations showcase the material's adaptability and further promote the adoption of sustainable alternatives across different sectors. 


Sustainable Sourcing:

Derived from pineapple leaves, a byproduct that would otherwise go to waste in the food industry, Pinatex promotes sustainability by repurposing existing resources and minimizing waste generation.

Ethical Treatment of Animals:

In stark contrast to traditional leather, Pinatex eliminates the need for animal involvement, ensuring a cruelty-free and ethical option for conscious consumers who prioritize animal welfare.


With its biodegradable nature, Pinatex offers an eco-friendly choice. At the end of its lifecycle, it degrades without contributing to the persistence of plastic waste, making it a more environmentally responsible material.

Lower Environmental Footprint:

Compared to leather production, pineapple cultivation for Pinatex has a reduced environmental impact. It consumes less water and land resources, mitigating the strain on natural ecosystems and supporting efforts to curtail environmental exploitation.

Empowering Local Communities:

Pinatex production presents economic opportunities for communities engaged in pineapple cultivation. Selling the leaves for material production becomes a source of income, fostering economic growth in agricultural areas.

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